Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Choose LED Lights to decorate your house

The intensity of LED light-emitting is the characterization of its strength in a certain direction. The intensity of LED light is different in different spatial angles, now; we study the distribution of the light intensity characteristics of the LED. This LED Light parameter is actually significant which will direct impact to a minimum viewing angle LED display device. Such as sports stadiums large LED color display. If selected LED single tube, distribution is very narrow, so the viewers who in the large angle will see distorted images. And the traffic lights also require a wider range of people can identify. In this case, we know that the materials and angles of the LED light should be different according to the specific needs. For the house decoration, the most used LED Flashlight LED light should be the LED bulb and LED strip light. Maybe you are very similar to the LED bulb, so this time let’s talk something about the LED strip light. As regular, it will be a question and answer form also. Can strips be field trimmed? anty881209wong 140409 Yes they can! The outstanding of the LED strip lights were made for just that. You can cut the reel of LED lights to any length you need, right on the job. The newly designed solder less LED Connectors allow you to terminate your strips in the field without having to worry about soldering or requiring us to reconstruct your strips for you. My kitchen uses 5000k. Are your strips 5k? The warm white is 3200K and our cool white is 6500K. We also have a two color changing strip that will allow you to switch between the two colors or LED GU10 birnen pick a range in between that will best match your current lighting. If you are looking for the LED strip light to make your home more unique, then the above words will be help you more. Are you looking for those lights which can offer bright lighting for the dark room with green energy? If you are one, you will know that it is hard to realize it in the past time. But the situation is totally different now. With the rapid development of the science and technology, now, human beings can enjoy a more convenient and E14 LED birnen stylish life with the helping of the LED tech. Do not forget to consider the LED light when looking for light fixtures to light your road up. Generally, LED light is cooler than the incandescent and CFL light when works. These features main it is green for environment. We know that the incandescent light is very hot when it works for a long time. This will be hurt us when touch. LEDs necessarily will never be this hot, as the maximum operating temperature for many LEDs is 185 °F, and running well below this temperature is advisable because it will increase lifespan. Staying below this limit is made possible by the increased efficiency of LED lighting. Compared to the 2% efficiency of incandescent lights, LEDs can convert over 15% of their energy to visible light. That means that an LED bulb that puts out the same amount of light G9 LED as the 60W incandescent bulb only requires 8W of power. Even though LEDs waste 85% of their power that only amount to 6.8W compared to the 58.8W wasted by the incandescent.

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